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(2023.7) I don't quite like RedHat now, although I started from it. So I'm leaving…

1. The story

nvi installed on fedora using nix-env can't dieplay widechar, but fedora native build can.
And the nix build is using patches from f33 repo, so I want to bring nvi back to Fedora.
(2023.7) I tried hours to figure out how to build nvi that can display widechar using nix, but failed each time.
It's actually because nix uses C locale by default (mentioned with offpunk).

2. Why retired, nvi is a good software, isn't it?

The reason why it is orphaned and retired is "Failed to build from source".
Actually it is because unable to fetch source from
since is a student orgnization and seems disappeared in 2014.
But we can get alternative source from git or Debian(NixOS gets it from there) or Slackware(mentioned above) etc.

3. Do it

So I want to help. If I can make this package available, thousands of user will benifit from this.
I love this distro.
I created BugZilla and Fedora account, the fedora account is useable in nearly all fedora services, great!
这里面水很深 Fedora Infrastructure Map

Fixing the code is easy, but following the polices and communicating with people is the hard part I guess.
After reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar, I think Fedora is Cathedral, and NixOS's noisy github issue is Bazar.

To start, I need to follow the guides:

I submitted review request to BZ1:
And fill in the releng issue with BZ url:
And send an email to devel: Unretire nvi (make Berkeley vi great again)

btw you can check repo through api using curl (learned in mailing list)


(2023.6.28) Nyxt 3.0 released, but the Nix one don't work well on Fedora.
If they don't make a flatpak release, I will build it on copr then add it to the main repo.

4. Mailing list

some interesting thread in the list

4.1. Anyone interested in packaging nim-lang?

first, I'm also interested in Nim and found it not available
second, it is also orphaned and then retired

4.2. %patchN deprecated?

yes, deprecated, so I need to change it in my packages

4.3. LWN: Packaging Rust for Fedora

not mail, but interesting

5. BZs I'm interested in


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