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my gnome configuration

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1. icon: Numix-Circle

doas dnf install numix-icon-theme-circle

2. sound: Ubuntu Yaru

doas dnf install yaru-sound-theme
doas mv /usr/share/sounds/Yaru/stereo/desktop-login.oga ~/

3. cursor: oxygen

doas dnf install oxygen-cursor-themes

4. background: fedora 33 (最开始入坑fedora时自带的, 感觉特别好看)

doas dnf install f33-backgrounds-gnome

gnome-terminal: Solarized

5. login manager: lightdm

it don't work with sway

don't forget to install lightdm-settings
doas dnf install lightdm-settings

extensions: - user theme - dash to panel - clipboard

dir name

export LANG=en_US
export LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8

6. remove "gnome-classic"

doas dnf remove gnome-classic-session

7. use Geary as a replacement of Thunderbird

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